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Mobile Mechanic San Francisco Testimonial: At the first sign of car trouble we’ll be with you before you know it. If your car won’t start, if your engine’s sputtering and whirring and given up, if your exhaust’s cracked and blown, if you have a flat tire and don’t have a spare, or even if your rear view mirror doesn’t tilt or adjust, Deer Valley San Francisco Mobile Mechanic is your automotive expert who will fix anything and everything. Just give us a call and a Mobile Mechanic will be there, with a smile on their face, before you can say “my car broke down”.

There is no car problem too big or too small for us – your mobile mechanic in San Francisco.


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Mobile Mechanic SF - San Francisco Mobile Mechanic

#1 Auto Repair Shop in San Francisco

Our cars have become an essential part of our lives. We ride to our offices in our cars, ride to the gym in our cards, ride to the supermarket in our cars, or have a good time cruising on the highway in our cars. At Deer Valley Mechanical, we pride ourselves in: Delivering lightning quick service Instant automotive solutions wherever you may be – At home, at office, at the gym, at the park, or roadside assistance on a remote highway. Not just because we are very good at it, but there is nothing more our Mobile Mechanic would do than help car owners fix their worries with our expertise and passion for automobiles. Our business believes in delivering smiles and automotive solutions to our customers, and not just a car repair. Pushing your car to a garage is a sepia toned image that is old and faded. Mobile mechanics is the new millennium, the new age. You, the privileged car owner, need no more lift a finger, soil your finger, or soil your clothes, trying to check if there’s anything wrong with the radiator or the oil gauge. Just call us in San Francisco, and let our experienced hands take care of your car. We also serve: Hayes Valley, Civic Center, Banneker Homes, Opera Plaza, Frederick Douglass Haynes Gardens, Valencia Gardens, Lower Haight, Friendship Village, Thomas Paine Square, Malcolm X Square, Laguna Heights, Saint Francis Square, South of Market, Alamo Square, Mission Dolores, Duboce Triangle, Martin Luther King Square, Little Osaka, Marcus Garvey Square, Downtown

Our Mechanical Prevention Services

 A1 Deer Valley Mechanical, we have spent enough years with our backs bent under the hood of the car with our eyes scanning the problem, our hands fixing, we are the #1 Mobile Mechanic SF experts

Car Essentials

Anything to do with filters, oils, fluids, brakes, and seat belts. Our mobile mechanic will repair minor parts and refill vital fluids needed for your car to run nice and easy.

The Car Vitals

An issue with a major part such as the engine, battery, fuel injection system, air conditioning, and the body of the car will be taken care of without you breaking a sweat by our Team

Precise Work

fter the Mobile Mechanic has diagnosed the problem, they will fix it in an easy, hassle-free manner. We do not believe in performing surgery when a stitch can do the job. This allows us to provide quick, economical automotive solutions to our customers. Why pay for an operation when you need only to pay for a needle.


Why Choose Us

Why Choose San Francisco Mobile Mechanic Service We are going to lay it out nice and easy for you. Choose us because:
Free Consultation – When we answer your call and come repair your car, our team member will offer a consultation, free of charge, regarding your precious car’s health. We will offer our expertise on how you can improve your ride.
Tune Ups – We will fine tune your car’s engine and have it purring like a well-oiled super machine. Engine Management – Our experts will micro manage the heart of your vehicle, making it faster, better, smoother.
Widest Variety of Spare Parts – If you cannot find a spare at A1, you will probably not find it anywhere.
The next time your car breaks down, call A1 Mobile Mechanics Sydney. Your automobile will be up and running in the blink of an eye, with a new lease of life.

Trusted by 1.000

Affordable/transparent pricing
A network of high-quality mechanics
Relationships with auto partsv endors/wholesalers Operations and logistics teams to manage bookings, parts ordering , etc.
Greater availability, including evenings and weekends

Happy SF Customers

You guys are the real deal in San Francisco, thank you for fixing my Toyota so fast!
Jessica Doe

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